Hardware Robot Information Model



HRIM, Hardware Robot Information Model

A standard interface that facilitates interoperability among different vendors of robot hardware components with the purpose of building modular robots.

HRIM focuses on the standardization of the logical interfaces between robot modules, designing a set of rules that each device has to meet in order to achieve interoperability.

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Standardize robots modules

HRIM considers all types of devices necessary for the construction of any robot. Real world implementation requires taking into account the common hardware components used in robotics. For each one of them an HRIM component model has been designed, for example a HRIM rotary servomotor model or HRIM camera model.



Modular robots

HRIM solves the problems of incompatibility between robot components that hinder the reconfigurability and flexibility demanded by robotics industry. Having a model in common it is possible to exchange or add components from different manufacturers without integration effort.

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Collaborative project

The more experts involved in the HRIM, the more reliable will be for everyone to take advantage of.

It will simplify robot programming, as we will build a reliable and shared source of information without having to spend time understanding interface made.

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HRIM benefits a lot of sectors. It is done thinking in the robotics simplification, so it can be used for all the people working with robots.


The robots have a great impart in the industry where the standard components will greatly facilitate the replacement and extensions of the robots. Reduction of time and costs.


Standard and official documentation to introduce the logical interface to all the components.


Reduction of time in understanding code and in creating or searching on internet logical interfaces for your case.

H-ROS Users

H-ROS is created to solve the need of flexibility in robotics by a plug-and-play hardware components. Although H-ROS is the cause of its creation, HRIM is an independent standard interface.